Concerning my land

20 04 2009

Concerning my land

Anything can happen in this city

Of morale less officers in government buildings

And dead end streets where

Dense dark looms heavily

As no bulbs on the street poles are secured

Under the duress of street ruffians.

Terrorists are marching eastward

From Afganistan, crossing Pakistan

To India where leaders are engaged

In slur making and slandering

To satisfy their pride and greed.

This summer I intended to sit down on the lawn

With a cup of coffee and write a poem

But I am gripped with fear and frustration

A graveyard from my lawn appears very close

My eyes can travel, abandoned and at large

A few worn out wooden cross

Resemble of skeleton and scare crow.

Last night Rumi stole to meet me

At dead of night, her husband wasn’t at home

She was unchecked by the night guards

A long fifteen minutes journey

I was thinking differently if terrorists become Rumi.

Any thing can happen in this city

Under the barb, in the garb of relation

Scaling mountains, breaking walls

Crawling drains and unchecked through

They are out of control, a communal force

All over the world, a neighbouring country

Born out of this land sixty years back

Throwing slanders and hatred

from other side of midnight.

What is a country’s future?

When barbaric reptiles are eating up

Illiterate corpses at the behest of its ruler

A haunting truth confronts a denial mood

I am afraid of dark and treachery

The sun is keeping the battleground far behind

As if destiny took over the seat unchecked.

14 april 2009




5 responses

16 05 2009

Nowhere is safe these days and as they say, don’t trust anyone.

Meaningful poem.

17 05 2009
Jena Isle

This poem depicts a dismal scene. Very vivid descriptions.

17 05 2009

No one can be sure of any city anyway… not only there where you are but everywhere.

19 05 2009
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